ARTIST:  Lynette Corby Nungarrayi
BORN:    1/07/1958 Haasts Bluff
REGION: Papunya




Lynette Corby Nungarrayi works for Signed on reverse Watiyawanu Artists of Amunturrngu. She lived in Papunya before moving to Mount Liebig in the 80’s. She worked for a decade at Watiyawanu Community at Mt. Liebig specializing in Luritja. Lynette Corby is a very important and active member of the community.

In 1997 Lynette Corby entered in the North Territory Fashion Award with a self designed screen printed garment. She is an adventures artist using traditional stories in new and very interesting ways working in several mediums; acrylic, lino prints, screen printing, silk printing, basket weaving and sketching. Lynette Corby works in several mediums, She does painting in acrylics and screen-printing onto garments. She is a former assistant teacher of Luritja, written and spoken language. Lynette’s paintings are sought after and her work has been in several exhibitions, including the2003 Telstra Awards Survey Show. Lynette lived at Papunya in her early days, where she began painting, then moved to Mt.Liebig in the 1980’s.

Lynette Corby is highly regarded in her community and is an extremely talented and innovative artist. Lynette works with several mediums including acrylic, lion prints, screen-printing on garment, silk printing, basket weaving and stretching. The colours she uses are dramatic yet balanced and she has perfected her craft. When painting on linen Lynette creates a blend of colour that adds depth and dimension to her work, creating an almost 3-D effect.

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