Ronnie Bird

Artist:   Ronnie Bird Jungula
Born:    1960
Region: Utopia
Language: Arrente
Subjects and Dreaming: 
Mulga Seed, Snake Dreaming and the Bush Plum Dreaming.

Ronnie, born c1960, married to Janet Golder,  son of famous artist Ada Bird Petyarre. His aunts are also famous desert artists Kathlen Petyarre and Gloria Petyarre.  Ronnie is one of the most gifted emerging Desert artists.
His works which can be found in many private collections in Australia and around the world, are beautifully crafted vibrant and colorful. His designs, influenced by the great Desert artists of his closed environment,  are full of symbolism and ritualistic meaning depicting traditions, rituals and ceremonies of his culture as passed on to him by his elders. His main themes are men´s ceremonial designs and particularly the Mulga Seed, Snake Dreaming and the Bush Plum Dreaming.
There is no doubt that Ronnie´s stunning and extremely well crafted paintings will continuously become more valuable as they are increasingly sought after by art collectors and art lovers from Australia and worldwide

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