Janet Golder Bush Yam Seeds 5453

Title:    Bush Yam Seeds
Artist:  Janet Golder
Size:    60 x 60 cm Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas



Title: Bush Yam Seeds
Janet Golder
60 x 60 cm Unframed
Acrylic on canvas


COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing her work will be provided.


The women pay homage to the Bush plum in their ceremonies to ensure perpetual germination. These ceremonies include body paint, song lines and dance cycles. Paintings depicting the Bush Plum often contain fine dot work which represents the berries at various stages of ripeness and may include lines of white dots which signify the tracks made by the women as they harvest the fruit. An example of this style is works by Gracie Morton.  Bush Plum Dreaming  styles, colors and technique vary greatly, from one artist to the other.