Lindsay Bird Mpetyane Ahakeye Bush Plum Dreaming

Title:       Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Dreaming
Artist:     Lindsay Bird Mpetyane
Size:       60 x 90 cm. Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

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Title:         Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Dreaming
Artist:       Lindsay Bird Mpetyane
Size:         60 x 90 cm. Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas


COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing her work will be provide


In this painting, concentric circles represent the site of the Bush Plum tree, an important tree because of the berries it produces. This fruit is favoured for its sweet taste and, like many desert berries, can be reconstituted in water if dry.

Parallel lines stemming from the concentric circles represent songlines (or travelling lines) of the Ilkawerne people associated with this story. Other symbols are sacred men’s symbols related to this Dreaming.

This story, its songs, dances and symbols have been passed down to Lindsay from his father.